This site covers the work of the Mutator VR team led by Artist William Latham alongside mathematicians and programmers Stephen Todd, Lance Putnam and Peter Todd

The site includes information on exhibitions and events in addition to details on specific VR experiences such as Mutator VR Vortex and Mutator VR Mutation Space on HTC Vive.

The origins of the work date back to William and Stephen’s work in the late 80s and early nineties in Winchester when they first developed Mutator and

their form grow grammar FormGrow to evolve organic forms by a process of evolution by aesthetics.

In 2015 the project received support and funding from the DC Labs Research Group (A joint University of York, University of Falmouth and Goldsmiths Project), an EPSRC Post Doctorial Training Centre and are collaborating on a number of new technologies including applying machine learning to generate and shape VR worlds with The University of York.