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East GalleryNUA will be the first art gallery venue worldwide to exhibit Mutator VR, a new Virtual Reality installation using original software modelled on the processes of evolution. Mutator blends organic imagery with state-of-the-art, real-time computer animation to create a highly immersive and original audience experience.

Resembling life forms from an alternative or even alien evolution, ‘Organic Art’ was originally developed in the late eighties by William Latham and Stephen Todd and this approach has led to the emergence of forms in virtuality, immersing the viewer in a super-surreal world of interactive evolving forms.

Starting with a simple cornucopia form, the Mutator code introduces random ‘per-mutations’ in order
to generate increasingly complex three-dimensional entities that resemble fantastical, futuristic organisms. The works refer us to Giger-esque ancient fossils, molecular structures, heavy metal architecture and Escher-like space-conundrums. Latham describes this process as “evolution driven by aesthetics”. The viewer experiences the work via a HTC Vive VR Headset as an immersive visual and sound experience.